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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

HawkeyeGOP: Fred Thompson is out

Excerpted from this post at HawkeyeGOP

Sorry Loras but Fred is done. Some weeks before the Iowa Caucuses, there was a full court press on to get Iowa conservatives to support Fred Thompson. Congressman King endorsed him, Loras Schulte of the Republican State Central Committee endorsed him, and my inbox had a number of e-mails from social conservatives urging me to get on board. My response then was that unless Fred shows some inkling of viability, I was not going to waste my caucus vote on him. Yes, Fred Thompson is a conservative but he ran a lackluster campaign. His campaign reminded me of Bob Dole's. He didn't seem to want the job but worse he did not seem to connect to people. I heard him in person on a couple of occasions and just could not get excited about the prospect of a Thompson presidency.


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