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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll: So When Will The Media "Do A Huckabee" On Obama?

Excerpted from this post at God, Politics and Rock 'n' Roll

Republican friends of mine often shook their heads in disbelief when I told them that I thought Obama would be the tougher candidate to face than Hillary. Democrats, at this point, seem to think Obama is the better choice, too. But I have one cautionary note to sound in the current positive environment for Obama. We were told that after Iowa, Barack, as the new front-runner, would now endure the intense scrutiny due a front-runner, ala Huckabee. But that has yet to materialize. Ironically, Obama is a man who rose to prominence due to a stirring keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention. Now in 2008, the media is still focusing on his speaking ability, message, and rise to prominence. One British blog is even calling him the US version of "Princess Diana."


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