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Friday, January 04, 2008

Blog reaction to the Iowa caucuses

Bleeding Heartland: Congratulations to Barack Obama;jsessionid=DF4A6C8CA6DB00DCD664F968640CC3E6?diaryId=874

Back Roads to the White House: Is 'evitable' a word? Maybe it is now

Cyclone Conservatives: Huckabee & Obama!

Essential Estrogen: Liveblog: Marion Ward 1, Precinct 1 caucus

God, Politics, and Rock 'n' Roll: And that, my friends, is why Iowa is first!

HawkeyeGOP: Huckabee wins!

Iowa Independent: Obama wins caucuses by unexpected margin;jsessionid=B14783AD93D6E563B21FC6CCB2C6291F?diaryId=1797

Iowa Progress: Obama's independent support shows

Iowans for Romney: What happened in the rest of Iowa?

John Deeth Blog: The night's biggest number: Democratic turnout

Mainstream Iowan: Iowa's caucus message to the nation: Iowa is not for sale!

Politically Speaking: Predictions revisited

State 29: Iowa aftermath

The Demo Memo: Obama wins the Democratic Iowa caucus, Hillary and Edwards tied

The Real Sporer: Caucus 08 - quick takes on the Huckaboom

The South of Iowa: This is Huckabee Country!


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