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Monday, December 10, 2007

Popular Progressive: Caucus Tea Leaves

Excerpted from this post at Popular Progressive
... it is right that people haven't made up their minds about where they will hang their hats on caucus night. Think about it, in 2004 Howard Dean had amassed a formidable lead with less than a month to the caucus, now the "surge" seems to be edging farther away from Hillary's camp and more toward Obama's, at least according to the latest polls. What is largely missed in the Clinton/Obama saga is the continued stable support for John Edwards. What people see in Edwards I suspect is a leader who will fight for them and experience in running against the Republicans -- remembering that he was the other half of the ticket that rang up 49% of the popular vote in 2004. I suspect that some, myself included, thought we had the ticket upside down then, and now believe that Edwards will give us our best chance to delineate ourselves from the Republicans who have won the south heavily in past elections.


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