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Monday, November 19, 2007

State 29: David Yepsen Hates Those Crazy Christians

Excerpted from this post at State 29

Today's Yepsen column, now that it's taken 5 minutes to bring the damn thing up, deals with the issue of a small group (isn't it always?) of moderate Republicans who are trying to bring back the good old days of Bob Michel and Nelson Rockefeller. Or Robert D. "Filthy" Ray. ... The most important part of a "moderate" Republican is that they're in favor of abortion. That's the litmus test. Any other Democrat-ish appeal is just icing on the cake. You can be pro-war and pro-abortion, but still be a moderate in the media's eyes. You could be pro-tax cuts and pro-abortion and still be a moderate. But if you become anti-war and anti-abortion, you're no longer a moderate. You're, uh, something else. A pariah! An annoyance. A nutjob.

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