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Monday, November 19, 2007

Political Fallout: Democratic Candidates Endorse Biden, Sort of... (And Other Observations from the Campaign Trail in Iowa)

Excerpted from this post at Political Fallout
... I've noticed a number of other patterns and/or trends that have emerged along the dusted-up trail over time. Let's begin with the Democrats: ... 2. The Son of a Mill Worker was locked up in solitary confinement once the "War on Lobbyists" was officially declared. 3. Obama's Wayne's-World induced flashbacks to the definitive moment five years ago when he spoke out against an impending war on Iraq have been fewer and far between. ... Now on to the Republicans: 1. Rudy Giuliani has managed to reign in his "9/11 Tourettes" to some degree, but as caucus night nears, the anxiety is bound to unleash a barrage of 9/11 episodes on the trail. ... 2. While Tancredo had cornered the market on xenophobia, the GOP frontrunner in Iowa, Mitt Romney, illustrated why he's the "Turnaround Artist" when he usurped the "Beware of the Illegal Immigrant Under the Bed" crown, which was spearheaded by his fear-mongering Americana TV ads in Iowa.

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