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Monday, November 05, 2007

John Deeth blog: Ears of Experience or Sour Milk? The Law of 14 in 2008

Excerpted from this post at John Deeth blog

As Bill Richardson is fond of saying, governors get elected president. At least that's borne out in my adult lifetime: four governors and an incumbent vice president (two incumbent VPs if you count Al Gore.) Richardson likes to tout this over the Senate-heavy Democratic field. In the last century, only two sitting Senators - John Kennedy and Warren Harding - have moved into the White House. But the true sign of doom seems to be looooooong Senate service. No candidate has ever - and I mean back to George Washington ever -- turned a long career in the Senate into the Presidency. ... But none of this bodes well for Joe Biden's ears of experience or Chris Dodd's white hair. "Four years ago, writing in Reason, Jonathan Rausch proposed the 'Law of 14'": With only one exception since the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, no one has been elected president who took more than 14 years to climb from his first major elective office to election as either president or vice president.

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