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Monday, November 05, 2007

chase martyn (on display): Clinton Campaign Recruits from Out of State for Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Excerpted from this post at chase martyn (on display)

When the Iowa Democratic Party started selling tickets to its 2008 Jefferson Jackson Dinner, the state party's largest fundraiser -- and candidate cattle call -- of the year, it kicked off something of an arms race between the three top Democratic candidates for president. ... Now, campaigns have to find ways to actually fill all of the seats they bought, and it may be trickier than it sounds. Getting over 1,500 signed supporters to Des Moines next Saturday will be a struggle for any candidate, and I don't envy the people in charge of crowd-building for it. ... In an email obtained last night, Clinton's Political Director for the Midwest, Sean Johnson, asks out-of-staters to come to Iowa for a "day of action," which will include a canvass during the day and -- perhaps more importantly -- a chance to waive signs and look good on camera at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner.


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