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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Real Sporer: Chuck, Billary and Rock 'n' Roll for Sale

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer

This morning's USA Today broke new ground for a Gannet publication; a
front page story about Democrat corruption. It appears that New York
Senator's Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton earmarked some one million
dollars of your income tax money for a museum on the site of Woodstock
concert. The museum is owned by a private corporation. The
corporation, in turn, is owned by a Republican named Alan Gerry. While
I dig rock 'n' roll music, particularly the Woodstock album (own it in
vinyl, CD and video), I'm not sure that giving tax money to help a
billionaire build a museum to the show is the best use of tax dollars.
Think of the help a million dollar grant could do for some small start
up business somewhere or the amount of AIDS vaccines for sub Saharan
Africa that could have been purchased with that money?


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