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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

iPol: Pledge, Schmedge

Excerpted from this post at iPol

All aflutter is the Iowa blogosphere at today's developments regarding
the Michigan primary on January 15. I'm not too exorcised about it
either way, except... you guys signed a pledge, didn't you? Like, in
front of God - or at least the New York Times - and everybody. And I
know the Dodd and Clinton campaigns are already spinning like mad on
this, but it doesn't address the question: you guys signed a pledge,
didn't you? And it really doesn't cut any ice with me to have either
of these candidates assure us all that although they may have decided
to remain on the ballot, they won't be actively campaigning in
Michigan. For Hillary Clinton, at least, this is bound to invite
unflattering recollections of non-denial denials from the White House
years. And for Chris Dodd: what are you thinking? Being the
anti-Hillary in Michigan isn't going to help you much in Iowa.

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