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Monday, October 15, 2007

iPol: Biden and Brownback Make Political History

Excerpted from this post at iPol

History comes at us in two forms: history in the moment when it is
made, and history in the aftermath when it is written. The first is
action, and the second is judgment. If we're wise, we always pay
attention to the judgments of history; if we're lucky, we may get to
be present on an occasion when history is made. I had the luck to be a
witness to history being made today, as two U.S. Senators and
presidential candidates, from opposite parties, appeared at the same
podium to campaign, not for votes for their respective candidacies,
but for support of their joint plan to end the civil war in Iraq,
bring stability to the Persian Gulf region and pave the way for an end
to U.S. combat operations without leaving chaos behind.

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