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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cyclone Conservatives: New Rasmussen, Strategic Vision Polls Paints Changing, Fluid Picture In Iowa

Excerpted from this post at Cyclone Conservatives

Rasmussen Reports, one of the most well respected polling firms,
unleashed a new set of numbers today that suggests that the last 90
days of campaigning in Iowa could be very exciting. There's little
doubt in my mind that this race is only going to continue to fluctuate
and move. Frankly, there's still a lot of voters, even here in Iowa,
that haven't been awakened to the race yet. So, lets get to the
numbers. ... It is noted that Mitt Romney appears to be hovering in the
mid 20's, but that is certainly a much softer position than where he
was at the end of the summer. This should not be surprising to any of
us. There's definitely some numbers differences in what Huckabee and
Thompson have.


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