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Monday, October 01, 2007

chase martyn (on display): Fred Thompson Draws Ire of Iowa Press Corps

Excerpted from this post at chase martyn (on display)
Iowa Independent's Jay Wagner described how Thompson's staff dealt with the media gaggle that showed up to cover Thompson, who has been a bit of a stranger around these parts: "Although all the presidential candidates were invited to attend, the ICA had told them in advance that they wouldn't have an opportunity to speak. The Thompson campaign told reporters during the event that their candidate would avail himself to reporters prior to his departure so as not to disrupt the meeting. But after he finished eating - and before the program got underway - Thompson and his family and staff slipped into an SUV and departed, leaving the media gaggle behind without a chance to answer a single question." A Thompson staffer promised a media availability outside the event so questions wouldn't interrupt the dinner itself, and then there wasn't one. Jay wasn't the only reporter to blog about the experience afterwards. While his story merely mentioned Thompson's media dodge toward the end, Radio Iowa's Kay Henderson and WHO TV's Dave Price both highlighted the treatment they had received in blog entries. Said Henderson: "No questions. No answers. If you want to know what he said tonight, you'll have to ask Jeri." Dave Price of WHO TV characterized the evening in his post title, " Fred, Fried Chicken and a Lie Pie for dessert."

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