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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ben and Bawb's Blog: Dear George

Excerpted from this post at Ben and Bawb's Blog

Dear George, I trust that I can call you George, since we've been
through so much together, right from the start. I was there at Jim
Nussle's barbeque in Amana where you first declared your candidacy for
president. (You probably remember me. We shook hands.) I gave you the
benefit of the doubt when you went to war to topple Saddam Hussein.
(At which you did succeed, lest we forget.) I voted for you
enthusiastically in 2000, then reluctantly, holding my nose, in 2004.
But still, I voted for you twice George. Since we've been buds for so
long, I feel I need to tell you something that might be awkward coming
from someone else: the fact that your recent veto of the bill
expanding the SCHIP "children's" healthcare program makes you look
like a complete hypocrite.


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