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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back Roads to the White House: Can Democrats reclaim some rural turf?

Excerpted from this post at Back Roads to the White House

Former Sen. John Edwards was midway through his speech inside a
crowded firehouse here last week when audience member Eunice McCarty
nudged the man sitting next to her. He was a Republican, and McCarty
wanted him to know he had just been caught at a Democratic
presidential candidate's event. The man didn't applaud much, but at
least he paid attention, she said. "After all the things, they may be
willing to listen at least," she figured. In this far-flung,
northwestern corner of Iowa, it's "almost kind of scary" to be
anything but a Republican, she said. Lyon County, which touches South
Dakota and Minnesota, gave President Bush 78 percent of the vote in
2004. It's part of the big, red, rural block that Bush used to eke out
the narrowest of victories in the Hawkeye State that year.


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