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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Rural Populist: Tom Harkin: Strengthening America with Investments

Excerpted from this post at The Rural Populist

In the last few weeks I've traveled to over 26 cities and towns all
over Iowa to meet face to face with residents and listen to their
hopes, their concerns, and their feedback on the 2007 farm bill, which
will strengthen investment and economic opportunities for our rural
communities and farmers, conserve our environment while decreasing our
dependence on foreign sources of oil and improve the quality and
safety of our food and nutritional options for our children. What
struck me most during these personal meetings was how our uniquely
American entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever. I have always
believed that one of the cardinal responsibilities of government is to
provide the basic infrastructure for Americans with innovative ideas
to be able to readily carry them out -- and in Washington, Anamosa,
Lake City, and other cities and rural communities across Iowa -- I was
able to witness this entrepreneurial spirit first hand.

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