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Friday, September 07, 2007

Popular Progressive: The Farm Bill and Locally Grown Food

Excerpted from this post at Popular Progressive

My friends at the American Farmland Trust remind me: Every hour, we
lose 125 acres of farm and ranch land. That's 3,000 acres a day and
over 1 million acres a year! Eighty-six percent of America's fruits
and vegetables are grown in metro regions in the path of development.
Over half of America's land is managed by farmers and ranchers, and
their decisions affect our air, water, wildlife and food. The farm
bill influences those decisions and is up for voting this fall. What
would a world without farms and ranches mean? Probably a growing
dependence on the center aisles of our grocery stores—processed foods
enriched with ingredients you can't pronounce. But what about our
water and the air we breathe? Over half of the U.S. is working
agriculture land, and well managed farms and ranches provide critical
environmental benefits like water filtration, flood control, air
quality improvements, carbon sequestration, renewable energy and
wildlife habitat.


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