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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Political Fallout: Gay Marriage in Iowa and the Pending Apocalypse

Excerpted from this post at Political Fallout

(Disclaimer: In no way, shape or listless form is this column intended
to threaten the sanctity of marriage. No legal unions between men and
women dissolved during the writing process. Nonetheless, some readers
should proceed with caution if their faith in the sanctity of marriage
is threatened by external forces such as the gay marriages of others,
Village People songs at wedding receptions or literal translations of
satiric parables. Keep in mind that the definition of satire is
between satirists and their readers and should in no way be
misconstrued by those who decry its very existence yet don't bother to
read it. Such behavior will only serve to threaten the sanctity of
satire, which in turn may lead to the end of the world as we know it.)
Upon hearing news of Polk County Judge Robert Hanson's ruling smiting
Iowa's prohibition on same-sex marriage, I grabbed my well-thumbed
copy of James Dobson's "Marriage Under Fire," hopped in my Sin City
getaway car, and fled Des Moines before God had a chance to destroy
the capital city with fire and brimstone.

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