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Thursday, September 27, 2007

iPol: Senate Iraq Vote is a Big Win for Biden

Excerpted from this post at iPol

That old bromide about the weather - everybody talks about it, but
nobody ever does anything about it - could just as easily be applied
to Iraq, and particularly with regard to the deadlocked United States
Senate throughout 2007. That all shifted significantly today with the
Senate's overwhelming passage of the Biden amendment to the FY2008
Defense Authorization Act. The amendment lays out Biden's vision for a
political settlement in Iraq based on a federal system of a three-way
partition of the country into semi-autonomous sectarian regions. The
regions, one each for Iraq's Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish populations,
would have direct control over local matters like law enforcement and
jobs, with a weakened central government in Baghdad controlling
national matters like border security, foreign policy and the
distribution of oil revenues.

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