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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Iowa True Blue: Hope

Excerpted from this post at Iowa True Blue

When I relaunched this blog six weeks ago, I shared my four goals: (1)
to be positive; (2) to address the negative influence of Big Money in
politics and need for campaign finance reform; (3) to show how
"ordinary" people can reach extraordinary results through politics;
and (4) to show why politics is important. I came back to these same
four goals again and again over the past several months as I reflected
on the outstanding Democratic field of candidates for president and
considered whom to support. Who could make people feel positive and
hopeful about our future? Who would take a meaningful stand about how
money can negatively influence the political process? Who would
inspire a whole range of Democrats -- young and old, party
establishment and first-time caucus-goers -- to get involved? Who
would help remind us of the good that we can accomplish through
politics? Clearly, the candidate with the greatest ability to achieve
all these goals is Barack Obama.


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