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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Iowa Progressive: Biden Moves To Iowa

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Progressive

As Chris Cilizza reports, Joe Biden is staking his entire campaign on
a strong performance in Iowa. He has moved almost his entire national
staff into Iowa in hopes of a strong performance in the caucuses.
Biden seems to hope that this increased focus, combined with support
from many Iowa legislators (including his recent endorsement by Iowa
House Speaker Pro Tem Polly Bukta). His strategy, as reported by Marc
Ambinder seems solid, based on having surrogates hit smaller towns
with a particular focus on the blue collar Democratic counties along
the Mississippi River. However, there is one inherent flaw. Ambinder
notes that Biden has "nine field offices and 23 full-time staffers"
which is puny compared to the number of staffers and field offices
that Obama, Edwards and Clinton have. In fact, even Chris Dodd has 59
full-time staffers on the ground in Iowa right now.


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