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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Iowa Independent: Nussle Officially Takes Financial Helm of Bush's Sinking Ship

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Independent

Generally speaking, padding your resume with the title of director of
the White House Office of Management and Budget would be considered a
vertical move for political climbers. Jumping aboard President Bush's
S.S. Lame Duck, however, may have dire political consequences for
former Iowa Rep. Jim Nussle, who was officially sworn in as Bush's
budget chief Monday. While a number of those in Bush's cabinet have
bailed ship, Nussle has agreed to sign on to Bush's crew. As his
administration attempts to navigate the shark-infested waters of
bloodthirsty Democrats before next year's fiscal budget begins, Bush
has chosen to "stay the course" and steer the S.S. Lame Duck, full
throttle, toward the iceberg, Iraq. Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled
Senate has approved only one of the 12 House-passed appropriation
bills to fund the new fiscal year starting Oct. 1. Now, armed with the
threat of Bush's newly discovered weapon of choice, VETO, Nussle will
have to negotiate the budget with top congressional Democrats.


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