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Friday, September 07, 2007

HawkeyeGOP: Sam Brownback - the Party's Over

Excerpted from this post at HawkeyeGOP

I did my best not to laugh. I was at an event this week and a sincere
young Brownback staffer explained how the Senator was pleased with his
3rd place finish at the Ames Straw Poll. The staffer even managed to
say it with a straight face! The Fox News New Hampshire debate shows
just how marginalized the Brownback campaign has become. Brownback
went almost 30 minutes into the debate before even getting a chance to
respond to a question. The real proof that Brownback is done came
today on the Sean Hannity Show. Hannity was commenting about how he
liked all of the Republicans in the field. He went on to name them all
and point to something in their positions or accomplishments. Now he
did mention his differences with Ron Paul. And course being Hannity,
he lavished praise on Mayor Giuliani - but to be fair he mentioned all
of the candidates - except Sam Brownback.


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