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Friday, September 28, 2007

FromDC2Iowa: Hold Onto Your Wallet -- Earthpark Defies Death

Excerpted from this post at FromDC2Iowa

Earthpark Does a Terry Shiavo... Earthpark may be dead, but it's not yet
buried under a tulip bed in Pella. There's a family member and at
least one U.S. Senator who swear they saw it smile. Perry Beeman,
"Georgia Company to Aid Earthpark," Des Moines Register, September 27,
2007. I have been publishing newspaper columns (14) and other written
analyses (15) of this ill-conceived, misrepresented, mismanaged,
failed earmarked $50 million pork project since January 2001. Since
February 2004 I have been maintaining what I believe to be the single
most thorough Web site of commentary on the developments (probably
well in excess of 100 pages if printed out), with links to the full
text of dozens (if not hundreds) of newspaper stories, studies and
reports. See, Nicholas Johnson, "Earthpark/Iowa Environmental
Project/I.O.W.A. Child Project."

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