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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Century of the Common Iowan: Nussle Nomination Up for Vote on Tuesday

Excerpted from this post at Century of the Common Iowan

The nomination of Jim Nussle as the OMB Director will be up for a vote
in the Senate on Tuesday. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has written a
lengthy piece at the Huffington Post about why he is voting against
Jim Nussle. Here is what Sanders concludes… "In my view, it all comes
down to the phrase "which side are we on." Are we on the side of those
people who make huge campaign contributions to Congress and the White
House, or are we on the side of tens of millions of working families,
struggling hard to keep their heads above water? That is the choice we
face. And, that is why I am voting against Jim Nussle. Not because he
is not smart, he is. Not because I don't like him, personally, I do. I
am voting against Jim Nussle because I believe we should not give a
break to the heirs of the Wal-Mart fortune."


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