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Friday, August 10, 2007

Political Forecast: South Carolina GOP officially moves primary to Jan. 19

Excerpted from this post at Political Forecast

Throwing one wrench into a bunch of gears usually complicates the
machinery that's trying to work. The South Carolina GOP officially
just threw in about one hundred wrenches into a bunch of gears that
make up the national primary and caucus calendar. I wrote a bit about
the planned announcement yesterday on Bleeding Heartland, even
re-posting a potential calendar that Chris Bowers saw as likely.
However, the Associated Press is reporting that contrary to Bowers'
speculation, Iowa will be forced to move the caucuses to mid-December
and not to Jan. 4th. "South Carolina had scheduled its Republican
primary for Feb. 2, but at a news conference with New Hampshire
Secretary of State Bill Gardner, Dawson said the change to Jan. 19 was
needed to protect South Carolina's first-primary-in-the-South
tradition. Given the change, Gardner will be forced by state law to
move the New Hampshire primary to at least Jan. 12. Iowa then probably
would move up its traditional leadoff caucuses, perhaps to as early as


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