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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Political Fallout: Jesus Told Tom Tancredo to Bomb Mecca?

Excerpted from this post at Political Fallout
Somebody who feels compelled to publicly announce they've found Jesus and made Him his personal savior makes me really nervous, especially if that somebody is a politician running for office. (e.g. George W. Bush) ... Tancredo may want to revisit (or visit assuming he hasn't read it) the "Old Testament" before joining a book club with Jesus. ... A spiritual source with Political Fallout did manage to intercept a memo sent from Jesus to Tancredo under the newly adopted FISA guidelines -- which permits the government to intercept messages from any entities outside the United States (i.e. Heaven) that are deemed a threat to American Imperialism and the spread of Democracy. ... "Dear Tom, While watching the GOP debate on the day set aside for praising my father and only my father, it came to my attention that you had found Me and made Me your personal savior. Although flattered, I don't recall making this pact and after combing through my files, I found no record of you finding Me."

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