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Friday, August 10, 2007

Iowa Independent: This Ron Paul Revolution Will Be Live-Blogged!!!

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Independent

Prologue: Tonight's Ron Paul Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa will be live
blogged from the belly of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The event is a
prelude to the Ames Straw Poll fundraiser on Saturday, where the Ron
Paul Revolution plans to storm the gates of Hilton Coliseum and
catapult their candidate into the top tier. Ron Paul supporters,
wielding signs, aligned both sides of the street as I pulled into the
city of Five Seasons. About 30-40 supporters hollered quotes such as,
"We're not just the Internet." Passersby honked for Paul as they
parted 7th Avenue. The place is slowly filling up, not to mention
there are two uniformed policemen stationed at the exits, which I have
yet to see at a Republican presidential event. Ah yes, throw
Revolution in the mix and the peace officers are bound to show up.
This should be interesting indeed.


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