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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HawkeyeGOP: Senator Larry Craig

Excerpted from this post at HawkeyeGOP

By now anyone reading a political blog knows about the issues
troubling Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig. Craig plead guilty to
disorderly conduct charges after being arrested June 11th in a men 's
room at the Minneapolis Airport. According to the Washington Post, an
undercover police officer investigating sexual activity arrested Craig
in the men's room. Apparently Craig signaled his interest in sexual
activity by touching the officer's foot and motioning with his hand
under the stall wall. Today, Craig claims that he did not seek counsel
before pleading guilty to the charges and that he is really innocent
and 'not gay'. I cannot imagine how a US Senator could possibly
believe that he could simply plead guilty and that no one would find
out about it. With 22 Republican and only 12 Democrat seats up for
re-election, this could not have happened at a worse time. More
stunning than the stupidity, is the hypocrisy. Craig has been known as
a family values guy.

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