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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Demo Memo: Yawn... Fred Thompson Makes His First Trip to Iowa

Excerpted from this post at The Demo Memo

All I've been hearing from my counterpart over at Elephant Biz and
other conservative pundits is how Fred Thompson is the Great White
Hope of the republican nomination. Conservatives are settling for
"conservative lite" in fatally flawed Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney
(aka Mr. Flip-Flop). I listen to Sean Hannity for opposition research
every day, and I think he is in love with Fred Thompson. Literally.
Besides having a forehead as big as the back nine at Augusta, what
does Fred have to offer the American electorate? So far all I've heard
is a a lot of pretty rhetoric, but nothing substantial. He has no
compelling reason to run, other than the fact that he's the only
republican that has a chance to win over true conservatives. Even
though Fred has questionable credentials on the abortion issue as well.


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