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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Demo Memo: South Carolina Creates Chaos in Primary Process

Excerpted from this post at The Demo Memo

South Carolina is asserting its apparent "right" to be the first
presidential primary in the South. The state's decision will have a
domino affect on Iowa and New Hampshire. Iowa's state law stipulates
that Iowa must have the first caucus in the nation, requiring that
date to be set at least eight days before any other state's contest.
New Hampshire has a similar law, stating its contest must take place
at least one week before any other presidential primary. South
Carolina's decision pushes New Hampshire back, and therefore creates
the unlikely scenario of a New Year's Eve caucus in Iowa. Iowa state
party leaders would most likely push the date back to December 17th.
This is almost an untenable situation for the Iowa campaign staff.
Everyone knows how hard it is to get people to focus on anything
besides Christmas preparation in those last two weeks before December
25. Imagine throwing a caucus into the mix. Oy, I feel sorry for those
young staffers.


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