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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Demo Memo: The Problem With Conservatives

Excerpted from this post at The Demo Memo

What do all of these unfortunate republicans have in common? They were
each caught satisfying a private and unspeakable urge, for which they
were publicly vilified. All of them are so-called conservatives. But
the problem with people who tell you they are conservative is...they
have a total disconnect between their own lives and the lives that
other people lead. Conservatives truly believe they can legislate
morality, while living with complete impunity in their own personal
lives. Truth be told, the statistics reveal the truth. Just as many
conservatives as liberals get abortions. Same with spousal abuse. Same
with pedophilia. Same with divorce. Same with being gay. It doesn't
matter how many flags are flying in the background either. The problem
with conservatives is...when they fall, they fall hard. They've built
themselves a giant glass house, but they've landscaped with big ol'
throwin'-type rocks. They denounce entire groups of people, in public
and in private, yet, they deal with the same issues.

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