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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cyclone Conservatives: "Gotcha Politics" Good For American Style Democracy?

Excerpted from this post at Cyclone Conservatives

We're just now taking our first bites as a society into the new
phenomenon known as "Gotcha Politics". But is "Gotcha Politics" good
for American Democracy? What is this idea of "Gotcha Politics"? Well,
I think the person best suited to answer that question might be former
Virginia Senator George Allen, who was one of the first real victims
to the process. As technology develops and new Internet mediums are
launched, "Gotcha Politics", as I and others refer to it as, will
continue to grow. In an era where information moves almost as quickly
as sound and light, candidates and campaigns have to be ever cautious
about what they are producing, how they are appearing, and what they
are saying. If they screw up, they can expect nearly a million hits on
YouTube within a few hours, it seems.

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