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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chase Martyn On Display: Ron Paul's Relaxing Iowa Vacation?

Excerpted from this post at Chase Martyn On Display
About a month ago, I heard Ron Paul's campaign staff pledge that they would get 10,000 of their supporters to the Ames Straw Poll during their alternative event next to the ICA/ITR Republican Candidates Forum, from which Paul was excluded. Then it was revealed — on Paul's own official Straw Poll site — that Paul was only able to buy 500 tickets ($17,500 worth) to give away. The other 9,500 supporters will theoretically have to buy their own tickets — or will they? I suppose they could take Mitt Romney's free ride and barbecue and then vote for Paul, but could 9,500 of them really squeeze by Mitt's crowd-wranglers? And, more aptly, where are those 9,500 Ron Paul-supporting Iowans going to come from?

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