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Monday, August 06, 2007

Blog reaction to Sunday's GOP debate

Iowa Voice: Republicans Debate In Iowa
First off, I take issue with what Stephanapoulos says in the early minutes of the debate, that they polled a bunch of people and the overwhelming question was Iraq. That's so damn bogus, it's not even funny. ... And Iraq has dominated virtually every Republican debate so far. That, and "how are you not George W. Bush?" type questions. It's just silly beyond belief that these questions keep popping up.

The Real Sporer: Live Debate Coverage from Des Moines
Today, the Real Sporer features another edition of live debate coverage. We're fairly certain that our candidates will distinguish themselves from the wacky Dems, all of whom promised aggressive government spending, unconditional retreat from Iraq and socialized medicine in their recent appearance at the WorldKos convention.

The Demo Memo: Republican ABC Drake Debate in Des Moines Today
Giuliani was like a pull-toy with a broken part, saying "islamic terrorism" so many times I thought that springs were going to pop out of his head. I was amused to watch Mitt Romney squirm under examination by his fellow candidates on the issue of his total flip-flop on abortion.

Back roads to the White House: Thunder and rainbows at the Republican debate
Des Moines residents awoke Sunday to a downpour, some vicious wind gusts and an alert that a political tempest was blowing into town with all its fury. Still, for at least a few minutes, a rainbow appeared to touch down on the Sheslow Auditorium at Drake University, where nine Republican candidates met for a morning television debate -- their last, full-fledged showdown before next Saturday's crucial Iowa GOP straw poll in Ames. It wasn't all smiles and rainbows.

Radio Iowa blog: Final thoughts on GOP debate in DSM
Romney was "on" today. He had the best line of the day -- the dig at Obama using "Jane Fonda" and "Dr. Strangelove". ... All but Ron Paul (and perhaps John McCain, who often brings up his criticism of the way the war was waged for its first four years) fail to go on the offensive against their president. ... I was asked by several different people whether I thought the debate had provided any new daylight for any of the candidates leading up to the Straw Poll on Saturday. I can't say I saw anything there that led to a breakthrough, and there were no major gaffes, so I think we can call it a wash.

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