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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back Roads to the White House: Clinton's show of hands

Excerpted from this post at Back Roads to the White House

That's what a crowd of school teachers in Storm Lake, Iowa, could have
told Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday night if they wanted to
play the role of class clowns. After all, that was what Clinton told a
debate moderator recently when he asked the crowd of candidates on
stage to reply to a question by raising their hands. But alas: it was
a missed opportunity for group sarcasm. Despite her complaints about
the dreaded show-of-hands questions during the debates, Clinton
apparently understands the value now. When the crowd is too big to get
detailed answers from everybody, well, why not save time by asking
them to raise their hands? She did it Tuesday by asking teachers to
raise their hands if they had ever had to spend their own money to buy
classroom supplies. Virtually every hand shot up. That's not a
surprise to anyone.

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