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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Radio Iowa: Obama accuses Clinton of "bad judgment"

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa

Speaking this afternoon on a farm near Adel -- with a flat field of
corn behind him -- Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama
escalated his war of words with rival Hillary Clinton. "We can't keep
on doing the same stuff all the time. You know, some of you noticed
that this week I got into a debate with one of my colleagues who's
also running for the presidency and the debate was about whether or
not we talk to world leaders even when we don't like 'em and my theory
was you do and you do it without preconditions," Obama said, to
applause from the crowd. "And, you know, some of the pundits in
Washington, they said, 'Oh, that shows inexperience, that he'd be
willing to talk to folks' and my attitude was what do we have to fear
as Americans? Why is it that we should be afraid when we've got, if
we know who we are, if we know what we stand for, then we shouldn't be
afraid to meet anybody because we'll tell 'em what we believe and what
makes this country great. They may not like what we have to say,"
Obama said, as the crowd interrupted him with applause. "But we're
going to go ahead and speak to 'em about those issues."

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