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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Radio Iowa: Giuliani in the Bluffs

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa

It's t-minus 11 minutes for the Rudy Giuliani speech here in the gym
at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Council Bluffs. A fellow just
asked the crowd of about 200 to turn their cell phones and pagers off.
That is perhaps a signal RG is in the building, perhaps not. As we
drove into the west entrance, two Ron Paul supporters stood on the
curb, waving and holding their Ron Paul signs. The Rudy sign nearby
was planted in the ground, festooned with balloons. Inside, a blue
curtain is comprising the north wall of the gym, decorated with a lone
"Rudy" sign. And the sign says nothing other than that -- Rudy. No
mention of his party or his presidential campaign. Just the white
letters against a navy background with a red border. The Council
Bluffs Thomas Jefferson band played a few patriotic numbers and after
the colors were posted by some local Boy Scouts, the band played
"You're a Grand Old Flag." State Senator Jeff Angelo of Creston
stopped by press row earlier to lament the early start time and
revealed he was advised to stop wearing his novelty ties, advice which
he is heeding.


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