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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Joe Says So: 200-1 gets you 15-85

Excerpted from this post at Joe Says So

You have to hand it to our local chamber of commerce. The Greater Des
Moines Partnership, with the backing of the biggest companies in town
and a $770,000 war chest - 200 times that of the opposition - managed
to convince about one voter in seven to vote for a sales tax increase
in an off-season election specifically timed to maximize their chances
for approval. It's hard to think of a way to make their performance
any more disastrous, short of having mobs chanting "no!" sack their
headquarters building. What a debacle. Only Kim Jong-Il and Fidel
Castro win by greater margins than "No." In some cultures, a loss like
that would lead to abject apologies by the Partnership board, perhaps
followed by ritual suicides. After such a resounding vote of no
confidence, a parliamentary government would resign and appoint a
caretaker government pending new elections. That would also be
appropriate for the leadership of the Partnership after such a waste
of member and taxpayer dollars.


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