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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

iPol: Live Blogging Obama in Des Moines

Excerpted from this post at iPol

Here at DMACC's auto shop building for an Obama event on the topic of
the economic impact of the Iraq war. I've managed to weasel press
credentials for the event, so instead of being with the Great Unwashed
Masses today, I'll be hanging with the Mega Unwashed Masses instead.
Speaking of which, I see AP, Radio Iowa, and, of course, the
ubiquitous Majors so far. 9:51 - no air condition in this building!
Yeech! Event is scheduled to kick off at 10:30. 9:57 - Campaign staff
is doing an Obama trivia quiz from the podium. 9:58 - looks like about
250 people in the building. 10:07 - correction: Obama's campaign
estimates 500 people in the building. 10:14 - Barack is in the
building. 10:17 - Obama takes the podium.


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