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Thursday, July 12, 2007

iPol: The iPol Interview: Bill Richardson

Excerpted from this post at iPol

Earlier today, I conducted an exclusive one-on-one telephone interview
with New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Bill Richardson as
he traveled on his latest Iowa campaign swing. iPol: Governor, welcome
back to Iowa. Where are you calling from - travelling from where to
where this afternoon? Governor Richardson: "I'm going right now to
Cedar Rapids from Waterloo. I've got my final event in Cedar Rapids.
Then I go to Cincinnati, and then to the debate in Detroit tomorrow."
iPol: So, you're back in Iowa again after visiting just 2 or 3 weeks
ago. What's the purpose of this trip, and what do you hope to
accomplish? Governor Richardson: "The purpose of the trip is to
connect with Iowa. I'm a grassroots candidate. I don't have the glitz
and the money the other candidates have, so I'm going to outwork


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