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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Iowa Voice: The McCain Implosion

Excerpted from this post at Iowa Voice

About a week ago (maybe two), after news that McCain was cutting his staff
because of money problems, I was sent an email by one of his PR guys (not
naming names). In that email, it was one of those "Gee, we're doing fine, all
is well, nothing wrong here" yadda-yadda... Doing something I rarely do, I
responded to the mass email. I said something along the lines that it was my
opinion that we were watching the McCain campaign in its death throes (I think
I used the word "death watch", but I don't remember what my precise words were)... He responded with an "ouch". Well, sorry... the truth hurts sometimes... McCain's campaign is suffering because, despite all his talk and attempts to convince us otherwise, we know he's not a conservative Republican. He's suffering because when you look at his record in the last six or seven years, all we see is him giving fellow Republicans the shaft and pandering to illegal immigrants. McCain is one candidate of two on the Republican side that I say "not just no, but HELL no!" to (the other is Ron Paul, for obvious reasons... the man is a joke). To be fair, I have misgivings about the rest of the field, too, especially Rudy.


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