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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Corn Beltway Boys: White House Announces New Initiative To Lower Bush's Approval Rating

Excerpted from this post at The Corn Beltway Boys

With President Bush's approval rating continuing to remain higher than
that of Congress, the White House announced a three pronged initiative
directed at pushing Bush's popularity lower. Not since Harry Truman
and the 1947 "Do Nothing Congress" has the voter disapproval race been
so tight and a new White House initiative plans to draw them closer.
White House spokesman, Tony Snow, explained that President Bush would
spend the next six months focusing on alienating voters by attacking
the elderly, mocking the handicap, and teasing orphaned children.
"It's our hope that by making fun of the defenseless in our society
that we will achieve the 5-8 point disapproval poll swing we are
looking for," Snow said while addressing a shocked White House press
corp., "right now our only concern is whether or not there will be
voter apathy towards orphans because clearly they were unwanted in the
first place."

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