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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bleeding Heartland: Up all night

Excerpted from this post at Bleeding Heartland

(Sen. Harkin gives us the low-down from the Capitol. Leave your
comments and his campaign will try to get to them as soon as
possible--if you haven't noticed, they're a bit busy up there. -
promoted by Chris Woods) Earlier tonight, I stood on the floor of the
Senate to show my support for our men and women in uniform by trying
to bring them home. As you know, the Senate held a rare all-night
session because Republicans are filibustering our efforts to get an up
or down vote on re-deploying our troops out of Iraq. It's that simple.
In an extraordinary display of fealty to President Bush and his failed
Iraq policy, Republicans are literally refusing to allow a vote on an
amendment to bring home our soldiers and reduce the U.S. involvement
in Iraq. The American people deserve to know where every Senator
stands on the most important issue facing Congress. We must not allow
Republicans to block an up or down vote with procedural semantics. I
wanted to make sure my colleagues knew where Iowans stand on the
issue. So earlier tonight, while on the floor, I read some letters
that I have received from Iowans, including Iowa soldiers and their

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