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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Back Roads to the White House: Having a 1972 flashback? Call a Plumber

Excerpted from this post at Back Roads to the White House

Did you hear about the break-in at Sen. Barack Obama's headquarters in
Davenport, Iowa, on Friday night? Two laptop computers and campaign
literature were taken in the burglary there, along one of America's
most famous bodies of water, in a city that's the eastern gateway to
the Hawkeye State. As if the 2008 presidential contest needed another
Watergate flashback... Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham
Clinton got her start as a lawyer for the U.S. House of
Representatives committee that was drawing up impeachment papers for
then-President Richard M. Nixon over the Watergate affair. And a
Republican-in-waiting, former Sen. Fred Thompson, has gotten
uncomfortable scrutiny lately over his role as the Senate Watergate
Committee's chief minority counsel. And now, there's a break-in at
Obama's headquarters in Davenport. You might not care, but our trip
down the "Back roads to the White House," actually began in a
fifth-floor room at the Watergate Hotel.

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