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Monday, June 04, 2007

The South of Iowa: Mike Huckabee, my new favorite presidential candidate

Excerpted from this post at The South of Iowa
... And although it is still early in the presidential race, my interest has now turned to the former governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee. I've heard his soundbites from the various debates, especially in regards to John Edwards' haircut. But more importantly, I've researched him through his webpage and other sites. Here's what I like about Huckabee: 1) He was a Baptist minister before getting into politics. He is a Christian, not backing down on his faith, but also not flaunting it, like Pat Robertson did years ago. 2) He is pro-life through and through. 3) He understands what the 2nd Amendment really is; not to protect hunters, but to provide self-defense and protection from tyranny. 4) He wants to secure our borders and is against the current immigration bill (but then again, who isn't?) 5) He will work for energy independence. One thing that I am unsure on, however, is his favor of the Fair Tax. Maybe I don't understand the workings of this plan quite yet, but the way I see it, it moves the burden of collecting taxes from the IRS to the retailers.


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