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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Real Sporer: Chairman's Picnic - the General, the Senator and...

Excerpted from this post at The Real Sporer

...cast of thousands, well a couple of hundred anyway, were in attendance at tonight's Chairman's Picnic held at RPI HQ on East Ninth in Des Moines. The political headliners were candidates Sam Brownback and John Cox. Hugh Cort and Dan Gilbertson, who are also running for President, were also in attendance. Dr. Cort was handing out literature about his candidacy. Sam Brownback looks much younger and much more animated in person. Sen. Brownback spoke after Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney. A smart politician knows how to read an audience and Sam kept his remarks both short and up beat, perfect for a warm evening. He also knew that now was the time to publicly reaffirm his commitment to the Straw Poll and an intensive Iowa grass roots campaign. Sam got two very loud ovations, the tonic that salves the wounds all of us politicians, large and small. If he doesn't win I'd sure like to see the next Republican President nominate Sam Brownback for the Supreme Court, he certainly makes among the most logical legal arguments for his positions. We could certainly use that kind of clarity in the Federal common law, that's for sure. John Cox echoed his familiar themes of a Reaganesque strength abroad and prosperity through less government at home.

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