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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Radio Iowa: Straw Poll: Huckabee sort-of in, Thompson "commited"

Excerpted from this post at Radio Iowa

Two of the Republican presidential candidates talked about the Iowa Republican Party's Straw Poll today.(Here's the Radio Iowa story on Huckabee and here's the Radio Iowa story on Tommy Thompson.) Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson said some of his staff had seriously considered the idea of having him withdraw, but Thompson told reporters (during a telephone conference call) that he was steadfast in his commitment to participate. "I'm curious if you had considered skipping the Straw Poll after Giuliani and McCain got out of it," an AP reporter asked Thompson. "I reflected on it.I would say that my staff considered it more than I did. I never, I never thought about skipping the Straw Poll. I just thought that it was something that I had committed myself to early on. It was really the way we were focusing our campaign to see how well we were doing. It's a barometer of that. It's a test and I never personally, really, thought that we would skip it, but I've got to tell you that the three individuals on the call with me who are probably, I think, the three best knowlegable individuals about straw polls and Iowa politics thought that maybe we should skip it, but then they reflected on it and that's why we hadn't made an announcement because they wanted to consider all the alternatives and they came up with the same conclusion that I did, that this is the right thing."

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