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Friday, June 15, 2007

Politically Speaking: King's OK

Excerpted from this post at Politically Speaking

Here's why you check out a rumor before running with it. Got a tip
that the Bell's palsy that struck Iowa 5th District Congressman Steve
King in March, causing his face to droop, had hung in there and he'd
become a recluse from the public. Heard he'd skipped planned
appearances. We in the press haven't received an invitation to a
public King event in western Iowa for weeks, and I figured he'd be at
the June 8 illegal immigration forum of Tom Tancredo, but wasn't.
Turns out it was all off base. A contact to King's office turned that
tip on it's head. King's palsy is gone and he's out making
appearances. He was in the Orange City Tulip Festival walking the
parade in late May, and he was at the Holstein quasquicentennial
earlier this week. Heck, he's even pictured in the June 10 edition of
the New York Times piece on how a roaring grassroots and talk radio
helped stall the Senate immigration reform bill. There's King on Page
24 looking like the guy we've always known, with petitions with
676,455 signatures opposing the bill, through the "No Amnesty for
Illegals" petition drive shepherded by Long story
short, Kiron, Iowa's King is fine.


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