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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Political Fallout: Edwards' Campaign Launches Pre-emptive Excuse Strikes

Excerpted from this post at Political Fallout

With only five days remaining until the FEC's QRF-Day (that's
Quarterly Report Filing Day for those of you who don't have the
campaign finance lingo "down"), it appears the John Edwards campaign
is concerned about its war-chest intake. The Edwards' campaign set a
$9 million goal for this quarter, but as of yesterday, they're $2
million shy of their mark. To help soften the blow on QRF-Day, the
Edwards campaign has been sending out messages that blame the
Washington establishment and their media pawns (including the New York
Times) for John's fund-raising woes. Strike 1: "Obscene Money Game or
Policies that Matter?" (e-mail message received on Jun. 23 from Joe
Trippi, the Edwards' Campaign). 'But while thousands of people are
building up this campaign, the Washington establishment is trying to
write us out of the race. And their reason? They say it's MONEY - they
don't think we are raising an obscene enough amount. But the truth is,
they don't want people to hear what John Edwards is saying, because it
will mean the end of big money's stranglehold over our government.'
Strike 2: "Haircuts and Hatchet Jobs."


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